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Welcome to Justice and ADHD

What will you do if it all goes wrong, the phone rings, and “Hello, it’s the local police. We have your child in custody” is what you hear? This web site and Steve Brown and Phil Anderton’s work can help you to answer these questions.

Do you recognize the risk your child’s AD/HD poses for breaking the law?

Do you understand the best way to deal with that risk?

Are you aware of the many “Tipping Points” your child may have in his or her life that you can anticipate?

As a professional working with young people with ADHD do you really have the information you need to change the way your organisation works – for the better?  Maybe this web site and our work will help you.

We have designed our two models BADGE and Shield to help you answer these questions.  Please use the drop down menus to access the information we feel is relevant.


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