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ADHD Angel

ADHD Angel and Guardian Angel


Do you have ADHD, or do you care for someone with ADHD, if you do, this app' is for them or you. Imagine an angel, a guardian looking over your shoulder, helping you with some of things that you struggle with because of your ADHD.    

Simple things like:

• Reminders to take your medication

• An process for sending reports on how you feel and are how you are managing your behaviour to your doctor ahead of your next visit

• Meaningful simple text telling people what ADHD is, so you don't have get flustered telling them

• Advice for police officers, court officials and other professionals on how they should treat you (the stuff they should know but don't)

• Advice on the 8 main ADHD 'Tipping Points' or people with ADHD

• Emergency contact details, who should people ring if you need ADHD help

All in a single app for the iPhone.

Provided by Phil Anderton PhD and Steve Brown experts in the criminal justice system, this app' brings together all their acclaimed work that is aimed at keeping young people with ADHD out of the Criminal Justice System. As international experts this app serves many purposes, not least of which is to allow you the person with ADHD to really start to manage yourself better and to begin the important business of keeping out of trouble.

Their work is firmly rooted in keeping young people with ADHD out of trouble, and this app' has been written by them for that purpose alone. No adverts, no charge, just solid, well thought out help.

Using international tools such as Swanson's SNAP IV rating scale, to keep your clinician up to date with how your life really has been over the past months before a visit, this app' has so much to offer you.

ADHD angel has direct links to the work being progressed by Phil Anderton and Steve Brown regarding the Tipping Points and their two models, BADGE and SHiELD, both of which ADHD Angel compliments.

Guardian Angel

Offers all that ADHD Angel does but is designed for parents. It allows parents to assess the child and provides addition help and support tools for parenting. We recommend that you use both together as they sync the information gathered to provide an hollistic view.

Download the app now by clicking on the link below. Its free and will always be provided free of charge.

Click here http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adhd-angel/id485821457?ls=1&mt=8

Click here for the Guardian Angel app: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/adhd-guardian-angel/id635654273?mt=8


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