Justice and ADHD - Quality advice based on experience



A major element of the work we have undertaken over the past few years has been with professionals that work with young people with ADHD.

Whether you are a social worker, a youth offending team member, or nurse, your professionalism can be improved if you know more about the kids you are dealing with, and in this context, we are discussing kids with ADHD.

If you are a professional working with ADHD kids, BaDGE is aimed at you.  We believe that simple tips, with straightforward information can assist you to become more effective in the workplace, and if that becomes the case the numbers of ADHD kids with more positive experiences increases.  BaDGE specifically covers the following subjects:

ADHD, a brief practitioners’ guide to the disorder

ADHD and its links to reduced social outcomes

ADHD and its manifestations for you in the workplace

What can you be considering in your day to day activities?



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