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Phillip Anderton

Phillip Anderton

Phillip Anderton, PhD, is a management consultant specialising in managing business change in public sector organisations. Phil's particular area of expertise is within criminal justice and his skills are built on many years of managing change throughout national and international justice processes, particularly those centred on policing. He has successfully led change programmes in many UK police forces and the Home Office and was the manager of the programme that commenced the Home Office policing response to the tragic murders in Soham in 2002 of two young school girls. Phil's interest in ADHD grew from his police career when he introduced and led a successful programme to reduce youth crime by looking into mental health disorders as causes of criminal behaviour in young people. He has been published on a number of occasions and is the author of the acclaimed book The Tipping Points: What professionals should recognise as the social impact of ADHD (Middlesex, UK: ADDISS, 2007). Phil is a member of the Professional Advisory Board for ADDISS the UK ADHD advocacy service and he is also engaged in transforming the way a number of police forces work with regard to ADHD in both the UK and the US.



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