Justice and ADHD - Quality advice based on experience


We have found that a high number of parents and carers struggle when they need to make their point to professionals that deal with their child, for instance school teachers, social workers.

Our experience tells us that the role of the advocate is one that is difficult for parents / carers who maybe live with or have ADHD themselves.  In simple terms, what you go through makes life difficult enough, having to explain your issues or defend your child in what is seen as an ‘appropriate’ way, can often challenge you at times when you are always at your wits end.

We developed SHiELD as a quick and easy ‘toolkit’ for parents and carers faced with needing to spend time with teachers, cops etc, and its designed to provide you with material you can use, tips for you to consider and thoughts to provoke you to plan ahead and not leave things yto chance.

So, click here to enter the SHiELD part of the website (this is an open web site and the material is free). 


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