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The Elevator Pitch

As a parent, when advocating for your child ask yourself "can I explain ADHD to another person quickly and succinctly"? If you cannot you may find it useful to learn a set of words that does explain how ADHD manifests itself in your child. We call this the 'elevator pitch'. We have put together a form of words that work for us, you will want to develop your own, but feel free to use ours as a starting point.

Our Elevator Pitch

ADHD is a disorder of the brain. It is as simple as it is complex to explain. Due to chemical imbalances in the brain nerve pathways people with ADHD struggle with many aspects of life that the more “normal” people take for granted. This can range from paying attention to what is being discussed, through to sitting still and behaving impulsively.

ADHD is a real problem; it really affects people’s self-esteem and how they feel. It stops bright kids learning, prevents them from developing a full life, and despite the stigma and myths about the disorder, it is real, and often has a less than positive affect on suffers lives.

The best thing people can do about ADHD is to learn more about the people that have it.  



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