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Driving for the first time

Driving a motor car or motor bike, or even, for youngsters a pedal cycle, on a road is dangerous, very dangerous for people with ADHD.

Drivers with ADHD are 2 -4 times more likely to have a collision
Drivers with ADHD are 4 times more likely to be at fault
Drivers with ADHD are 3 times more likely to receive injuries in a collision, they have more severe accidents
Drivers with ADHD are 7 times ore likely to be prosecuted more than once, they don't learn from previous experiences or warnings

Consider whether you really want your child driving. It maybe a hard decision to make, and one that causes a fight. It's better than visiting ER, casualty or the scene of a car crash
Really get on top of the medication regime your child is under, when do the med's wear off? Do you know? You should
Do you want to control the use of a car especially when meds are wearing off, you should
Print off now the Safe Driving leaflet on the adhdandjustice web site and contract with your child to put into place the recommendations in that leaflet, it could save a life


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