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Early and continued smoking of cigarettes

For young people with ADHD there is clear evidence that smoking leads to drinking alcohol and taking of more dangerous unlawful drugs at a must higher and quicker rate than for none ADHD youngsters
The rapid movement from 'use' to 'abuse' to 'dependance' on dangerous drugs is a lot quicker for young people with ADHD than those without it.

45% of adults with ADHD abuse or depend on alcohol against 17% in the none ADHD population
30% of adults with ADHD abuse or depend on dangerous / unlawful drugs against 9% of the none ADHD population

Ask yourself if you smoke, what lesson is that giving to your child?
Be sensitised to the smell of cigarettes on them and their clothing, confront them if necessary
Do NOT ignore the significance of this, early and continued smoking is a defined gateway for people with ADHD to a dangerous drug taking lifestyle


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