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Mixing with older children

ADHD children are often excluded from their peer group, and this can start as early as the age of 6. They may not be invited to parties, sleep overs, to play in the school breaks. This seriously effects a child's self esteem. To overcome this many will start friendships with older children.

47% of surveyed ADHD adults stated that they formed inappropriate friendships when they were a child with ADHD
50% stated that this led to them taking unlawful drugs
37% stated this led to them getting a criminal record
67% stated that this led to them committing behaviour that could be described as anti social

Do you know who your child is hanging around with?
Do you know the parents / carers of the children your child is with?
If they say they are on a sleep over, are they? Are you confident they are? Do the host parents know? Have you checked?


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