Justice and ADHD - Quality advice based on experience

The first job

Finding work for people with ADHD is difficult.
Keeping a job is extremely difficult.
People with ADHD struggle with timekeeping, so getting to work on time can be an issue too.

53% of people with ADHD get fired against 315 of the none ADHD population
75% of people with ADHD are employed in the longer term, against 90% of the none ADHD population
48% of people with ADHD impulsively quit their job, against 16% of the none ADHD population

Assist your child to find their first job
Do not seek big wages, seek an ADHD sympathetic job, working outside, a physical role, one with a tolerant employer
Consider your child working free to gain experience and settle into work for the first time
Explain ADHD to the employer before the work commences or agreed on, see adhdandjustice for advice




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