Justice and ADHD - Quality advice based on experience

Transition to high school

65% of ADHD children (versus 2% none ADHD children) report problems with time keeping at school

37% ADHD children reported as having behaviour problems in the classroom

93% of ADHD children play truant against 23% in the none ADHD community

Primary school has smaller classes, little individual responsibility, little homework. High school has larger classes, more responsibility is pushed to the child, they have increased homework which is often undertaken or scheduled to be undertaken when medication has worn off. The child now has to find their classroom, at the right time, with the right books and the right resources having done their homework to stay out of trouble.

Build familiarity with the school location ahead of crisis
Contact / write to the school with an explanation of the child's ADHD (see ShiELD in www.adhdandjustice.co.uk for example letters)
Seek a single point of contact in the school rather than having to see all teachers individually.
Excluded school children are twice as likely to commit crime as those in full time education


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